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The Emerald Coast Caduceus Society Inducts the 2015 Servant Leadership Board and Reflects on Nine Years of Giving Back to the Local Community

March 16, 2015- Destin, Fla.- The Caduceus Society, a giving society of Sacred Heart Hospital, is an organization comprised of "giving physicians" who have a mission to support many worthwhile missions in the local Gulf Coast region. Earlier this month, Dermatologist, Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon, and owner of Coastal Skin Surgery & Dermatology, David C. Adams, MD, was appointed as the next 3-year term President of the Emerald Coast Caduceus Society. Joseph R. Agostinelli, DPM, was appointed as the Vice President and Thomas R, Johnson, MD was inducted as the Secretary Treasurer.

Caduceus Society on the Emerald Coast was founded in 2006 with 3 physician participants. Today the society is made up of 38 members, who over the last year have not only donated their time and services to the health care needs of the sick and the poor, but also have donated over $225,000 to local missions. Some of the local missions include: Caduceus Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast, Children in Crisis, Crossroads Medical Clinic, and Hope Medical Clinic. Cross Roads Medical Clinic located in Valparaiso and Hope Medical Clinic located in Destin are non-profit health clinics that are able to serve the needy, poor and vulnerable because of the support received from the Emerald Coast Caduceus Society.

"I am honored to serve as President of the Caduceus Society, whose members all share a common goal of servant leadership," said Dr. David C. Adams, newly appointed Emerald Coast Caduceus Society President. "The men and women who are a part of this organization contribute their specialized knowledge, expertise, services & resources to those who, without the support of the Caduceus society, may otherwise not have access to the proper medical care needed."

Through the efforts of the Caduceus Society of the Emerald Coast, thousands of individual’s health care needs including the sick, vulnerable and the poor, children affected by sickness and abuse, injured military, and elderly have been able to be met. Lives have been forever changed due to the donation of time, services, and financial support given by the local physicians involved with the Caduceus Society.


About The Caduceus Society

The Caduceus Society is an organization of "giving physicians" of the medical staff who have a mission to support one of the many worthwhile missions in the Emerald Coast region. To learn more about Caduceus Society on the Emerald Coast contact the Foundation Office (Leonard Olson) at 850-278-3703 or 850-830-2836, or feel free to reach out to any of the current Caduceus Society members.

Caduceus Society on the Emerald Coast Members:

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