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Breast Lift

Fortunately, most women will maintain a good breast shape despite the changes their body goes through during their lifetime. For those women who develop ptotic (sagging) breasts, the surgeons at Destin Plastic Surgery routinely perform breast lift surgery (mastopexy).

There are several variables that will influence the shape of a woman's breasts as she develops from adolescence to adulthood. As a woman matures, the breast gland enlarges and the skin covering the breast will usually enlarge in a commensurate manner. Pregnancy alters the shape of the breast by stimulating the gland to enlarge and stretching the overlying skin. Following pregnancy, the gland will usually decrease in size while the skin, unfortunately, does not. This change in size can result in a droopy (ptotic) breast that does not have an ideal shape. Some women will have ptotic breasts due to poor elasticity of their skin. This can happen, even though they have not been pregnant.

For more information about breast lifts and other breast enhancement procedures, request a consultationrequest a consultation online to meet with one of our surgeons or call our office at (850) 654-1194. Located in Destin, Florida, we provide first-class services for patients from surrounding cities like Panama City and Pensacola, as well as neighboring states and international locations.

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Dr. Burden

Dr. William Burden

An internationally renowned plastic surgeon who draws patients from near and far.

Dr. Ennis

Dr. L. Scott Ennis

World renowned plastic surgeon recognized by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)

Dr. Ennis is an internationally recognized and renowned plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery and complex breast revision who is devoted to achieving the optimal outcome for every patient. Dr. Ennis has been recognized by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with membership in the society. An exclusive recognition requiring at least 2 other internationally recognized surgeons to nominate him for membership, ISAPS membership is drawn from some of the world most elite surgeons in 73 countries on every continent.

Breast Lift Procedure

A mastopexy is performed to elevate the breast gland and remove the excess skin. The incisions are made around and below the nipple areola complex. The gland is then elevated with its attached nipple areola complex and the excess skin is removed. This results in:

  • A repositioned breast gland and nipple in a higher position
  • Excess skin is removed
  • Incisions on the bottom half of the breast

A technique developed by Dr. Burden to reposition the breast gland to achieve greater upper breast fullness is demonstrated below. Both Dr. Burden and Dr. Ennis have refined this technique to give improved results from the breast lifts they perform.

Dr. Ennis has developed and refined a new technique to increase the safety of performing a combined breast lift and augmentation. With the previous techniques of lifting the breast, the blood supply to the tissues was a big concern, especially when combined with a breast augmentation. Now with the new technique that Dr. Ennis has developed and refined, a combination augmentation and lift can be performed much more safely and with a more robust blood supply minimizing the potential risk. Dr. Ennis is now able to avoid the extensive dissection and undermining of tissues seen with previous breast lift procedures. With this new safer technique using a "superior-medial pedicle," Dr. Ennis is able to lift the breast with minimal dissection, both shortening the length of the surgery and minimizing the invasiveness of the surgery all while providing a youthful perky breast that women desire.

Note the greater fullness of the upper breast, as well as, the correction of the breast ptosis.

If there is inadequate breast tissue to fill the skin and achieve the desired cup size, a breast implant can be placed through breast augmentation near Pensacola at the time of the breast lift surgery to achieve the desired size, shape, and projection as shown below. Sometimes it is required to do the augmentation in a separate stage and this is based on the patient's own anatomy and goals. It will be determined at your consultation which option is best for you.

This patient of Dr. Ennis' had a mastopexy with augmentation after losing breast volume and developing a droopy breast following pregnancy. The pictures demonstrate the results several months post procedure. Note the improved shape of the breast, as well as volume.

Recovery after Breast Lift

After breast lift surgery, it is often possible to return to work within a week or so, depending on your job. This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and postoperative pain is controlled with oral narcotics. After 2 to 3 days, most people do not require pain medications other than an occasional dose at night. Immediately following your breast lift at Destin Plastic Surgery, bandages will be placed on your breasts, and you will be fitted with a compression garment that promotes healing. The procedure will leave scars but the scars will lighten and become less noticeable over time.

A breast lift done by the doctors at Destin Plastic Surgery can help you feel much more confident about the look of your breasts. As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is critical that you choose a plastic surgeon with high levels of training, experience, and patient referrals, such as Dr. Burden and Dr. Ennis. Request a consultationrequest a consultation online or call our office at (850) 654-1194 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. William R. Burden, MD, FACS and Dr. L. Scott Ennis, MD, FACS are known for their experience and dedication to staying in the forefront of leading technology in plastic surgery. They perform over a thousand procedures per year including many revisions from other places and specialize in minimally invasive surgery. Drs. Burden and Ennis not only treat many patients from the Florida panhandle including Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Tallahassee, Dothan, Atlanta, and Birmingham but also from around the world. Many people travel from Europe, South America and Asia to Destin to seek out their services.

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