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Destin Plastic Surgery is pleased to add ThermiVa to our repertoire of feminine wellness procedures.

If you are seeking to reclaim your sexual health, restore your well-being, and revive your relationships, ThermiVa treatment may be right for you.

Pregnancy, childbirth, genetics, menopause, and the natural aging process affect the elasticity, strength, and sensitivity of vaginal tissue, causing vaginal dryness, incontinence, and other concerns. ThermiVa is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment at Destin Plastic Surgery that adds tightness and tone to the vagina and vulva, addressing these intimate concerns internally and externally.

What Is ThermiVa?

Thermiva is a comfortable, 40-minute procedure performed in 3 sessions spaced 1 month apart. It requires no anesthesia, no downtime, and no surgery.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be either surgical or nonsurgical. Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, for example, are surgical genital enhancement procedures that can be appropriate for certain patients. For many women, however, a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment such as ThermiVa provides the desired results without the downtime associated with surgery.

ThermiVa uses safe, gentle radiofrequency energy to selectively treat the affected tissues, causing them to tighten and restore sensation. The in-office procedure doesn’t involve needles or anesthesia—and you can return to your regular activities, including intimacy, as soon as your treatment is over. The provider performing the treatment delivers the RF energy using an S-shaped handpiece with a thermistor tip that controls the amount of heat. The tip’s gentle curves ensure patients remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

How Does ThermiVa Work?

The radiofrequency thermal energy causes tissues to contract and tighten while also stimulating the new collagen that helps heal tissue and nerves. The therapeutic use of radiofrequency for muscular and tissue healing has been used for decades and is very safe. It is technology used to tone and tighten areas of loose skin on various parts of the body.

ThermiVa is a treatment solution for the following concerns:

A feeling of “looseness” or vaginal laxity: ThermiVa tightens the vaginal opening and the interior of the vagina, increasing sensitivity during intercourse.

Vulvar or labial laxity: By tightening loose or sagging labial tissues, ThermiVa reduces the appearance of “camel toes” that can make patients self-conscious when wearing leotards or bikinis. The softer, smoother skin also leads to greater comfort when wearing form-fitting clothing.

Vaginal dryness: Treatments result in softer, thicker skin and increased moisture both internally and externally, improving the quality of our patients’ lives and enhancing comfort during sexual intercourse without hormone therapy.

Mild to moderate stress incontinence: Combined with Kegel exercises, ThermiVa treatments reduce accidents and leakage to help patients regain their confidence when going out.

Sexual dysfunction: Increased sensitivity and more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions following ThermiVa treatments enhance sexual intercourse and often result in an improved ability to achieve orgasm in a shorter time frame.

These physical symptoms can lead to deeper issues with romantic relationships and personal confidence. We understand that such issues are not always easy to talk about, but they are important to the core of how many women feel about themselves. That’s why we approach each case with compassion and sensitivity and why we are so glad to offer a convenient solution in the form of ThermiVa.

Dr. William R. Burden

Dr. Burden is a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon skilled in face, breast, and body procedures. An innovator and educator in aesthetics for over 25 years, Dr. Burden pioneered “No Scar on the Breast” augmentation. His expertise and compassionate presence provide a rewarding treatment experience from the initial consultation to the final results.

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What To Expect During A ThermiVa Treatment

A ThermiVa treatment typically takes about 30 minutes. We recommend that patients schedule 3 treatment sessions one month apart. Many women say they notice results after 1 or 2 treatments, but 3 sessions are needed for optimal improvement. The results are long-lasting.

How Much Does ThermiVa Cost?

The cost of ThermiVa varies depending on the patient’s unique concerns. A single treatment session usually costs about $1,000. A series of 3 treatments will cost approximately $3,000. You may want to maintain the results with a yearly treatment.

Patient Testimonials

  • “Wow visible results with the first treatment!”
  • “My labia and vulva felt tighter and less saggy.”
  • “I had sex the same day as the procedure!”
  • “I do not have the urinary incontinence I was experiencing when I exercise, and I no longer need a bulky pad!”

Scheduling A ThermiVa Treatment

If you believe you may be a candidate for ThermiVa, we are here to help you on your journey toward reclaiming your feminine wellness.

Women considering vaginal rejuvenation travel from Pensacola, Panama City, and throughout northern Florida to Destin Plastic Surgery. You can request a consultation using the online form or call us at (850) 654-1194 to schedule an appointment.

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