Meet Bill Edelman, 'BOTOX® Bill'

Our longtime physician assistant Bill Edelman earned the nickname “BOTOX Bill” through his dedication to mastering the craft of cosmetic injectable treatments, including dermal fillers in addition to BOTOX® Cosmetic. Patients travel not only from Pensacola and Panama City for BOTOX treatments at Destin Plastic Surgery, but from throughout Florida and beyond.

Bill’s reputation as a perfectionist with an excellent eye for detail is well-known, and he’s one of the most knowledgeable providers of BOTOX Cosmetic in the Southeast.

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A BOTOX Pioneer

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In 1998, when Bill first teamed with Dr. William Burden, few people in the cosmetic enhancement field were using BOTOX to treat facial wrinkles. Dr. Burden became the first plastic surgeon in the Gulf Coast area to perform this groundbreaking, nonsurgical treatment. When Bill joined Dr. Burden, he assisted during facial plastic surgery procedures, including many in the forehead area. The invaluable experience of actually observing the facial anatomy — including the tiny muscles targeted by BOTOX injections — laid the groundwork for Bill’s expertise.

“Very few people who inject BOTOX and fillers have actually participated in facial surgeries and have seen the muscles in the areas that are being injected,” Dr. Burden says. “Bill’s surgical experience also enables him to know when patients won’t benefit from injectables, and he will recommend cosmetic surgery, leading to better results.”

Becoming ‘BOTOX Bill’

Dr. Edelman coaching youth football in a red jersey
Bill spends much of his free time volunteering to coach youth sports.

Our patients are sometimes surprised to learn that one of the country’s foremost clinicians performing BOTOX and filler injections is on Destin Plastic Surgery’s staff. Over the years, Bill has performed more than 15,000 treatments for women and men from across the country, leading to Allergan®, the maker of BOTOX, to award Black Diamond status to our practice. Only 1% of BOTOX providers nationally earn this recognition.

By dedicating himself exclusively to injectable treatments, Bill continues to produce consistent results that avoid the unnatural, overdone appearance that are the primary concern of many patients getting BOTOX and fillers. He has established long-lasting relationships with women and men who return for aesthetic treatments knowing the quality of results couldn’t be matched by other providers.

“I take my time with each patient,” says Bill, who is active in the community as a volunteer coach for youth sports and as a deacon at his church. “Achieving the best possible result requires both experience and an eye for detail. I’ve been lucky to have this opportunity to remain at the forefront of injectable treatments. Even subtle nuances in technique can affect the outcome, and I adapt my approach to meet the needs of each individual.”

On The Leading Edge

Advanced, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments are ever more popular, and Bill, along with Dr. Burden, is at the forefront when new products emerge on the market. We offer new products only after testing them and being confident that the treatments will benefit our patients.

Bill was among the first to administer Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®, for example, after they received FDA approval. This is one of the reasons Allergan designated our practice as a national physician training center for injectables.

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