Breast revision, breast reduction, and breast augmentation are especially popular in Panama City, Pensacola, and Destin, FL. Perhaps it’s because swimsuits are almost always in season here, or maybe the active, outdoor lifestyle puts more emphasis on a healthy, fit appearance.

Thankfully, today’s innovative surgical techniques, including Dr. William Burden’s own No Scar on the Breast® approach, mean patients enjoy shorter recuperation periods and more attractive, natural-looking results than ever before.

Your Options

For more information about the breast enhancement procedures we offer, visit the following pages.

Breast Augmentation

When you undergo breast augmentation at Destin Plastic Surgery, you and Dr. Burden work closely together to create exactly the results you want, whether subtle or dramatic.

Breast Lift

Performed with or without implants, breast lift surgery restores a youthful look by removing sagging skin and reshaping and repositioning the breasts.

Breast Reduction

Bring your breasts into proportion with your body and put an end to chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain with breast reduction.

Breast Implant Revision

Whether you want to correct a specific complication or you’ve simply had a change of heart about your results, breast implant revision can refine your look based on your specifications.

Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Burden can sculpt away excess fat and breast tissue to help you to have a firm, flat chest you’ll want to show off.

Let’s Talk

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