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When we meet with facelift patients from throughout Destin, Pensacola, and Panama City, FL, they very commonly tell us, “Although I look older, I feel much younger.” As our society has become more fitness oriented, many men and women remain active longer than they did in the past. Although someone may be 65 or 70 years old, they frequently can be found on the tennis courts and giving a younger person a very challenging tennis match. We hear these patients say, “I want to look as young as I feel.”

Dr. William R. Burden is known internationally and throughout the Southeast as a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery. He is the surgeon that other plastic surgeons go to. Doctors seek out his care and refer their spouses, family, and patients to him. He developed the “No Scar on the Face Browlift” at Destin Plastic Surgery and is known for his natural appearing results. Dr. Burden will listen to your concerns and help you achieve your goal for the improved appearance you desire.

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Real Patient Review

One of Dr. Burden's actual patients shared her experience on the RealSelf website.

"If you are considering a facial cosmetic procedure, the surgeon you choose will be one of the 5 most important decisions of your entire life. I’m not being overdramatic … Twenty-four hours after my neck/face/brow lift, the immense gravity of my decision settled in. I thank God every day I chose Dr. William Burden for my procedures. The words "great" and "excellent" aren’t adequate to describe my results. My words and outcomes are "exceptional," "extraordinary" and simply "sublime."

Anyone who would pay the money and go through the recovery of a facelift and not choose the advanced techniques and superior skill of Dr Burden is simply not making an optimal decision. It’s that simple. I have zero doubt he is the surgeon other surgeons send their family members to …

… (If) you want the best possible outcome and to never wonder if someone could have done a better job, then choose Dr. Burden.

I also want to compliment all the staff of Destin Plastic Surgery for their extraordinary help. Special thank you to Joan, who tirelessly answered my questions and provided unwavering counsel in the post-op period. Thank you all!"

Thrifty728, RealSelf 5-Star Review

April 2021 (7 months after surgery)

How Is a Facelift Done?

Over the last 10 or more years, plastic surgeons have been adopting a “redraping” technique. That is, the skin is elevated, then the underlying structures, such as the facial fat, are elevated and the muscles of the neck are tightened. The excess fat is removed from the appropriate areas and replaced in the areas of deficit. The skin is then redraped over the new underlying frame and any excess skin removed. This results in a less pulled or stretched appearance. Also, as the skin relaxes the underlying structures have a new shape and the results of the facelift are retained for a longer period of time.

For over 50 years, the practice of facial plastic surgery involved a “nip and tuck” philosophy. That is, the excess skin which has lost its elasticity had to be excised (nipped) and then the incision closed (tucked). Even though the results were good, quite often the early result gave the person a pulled or stretched appearance

Since the underlying structures were not surgically altered, the tightly pulled skin was the supporting structure for the results of the nip and tuck facelift. Skin assumes the shape of the underlying structures. As the skin relaxed following the facelift, the underlying aged face began to “show through.” When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to find out whether he or she uses an updated technique that addresses the underlying tissues.

A Reputation Built on Results

I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Burden and his staff. From the very beginning I felt...
Just had my surgery with dr burden and he is a amazing dr. The pre-op nurse I believe her name is Lisa?...
Dr Burden operated on my eye lids because they were hanging down so far that I couldn't see. He did...
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Meet Dr. Burden

Dr. William Burden

Founder, Destin Plastic Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Burden knows that building a distinguished career doesn't happen overnight. He's been serving the community for more than 2 decades, providing personalized aesthetic care and leading the field with pioneering techniques.

State-of-the-Art, Multi-Specialty Surgical Center

What Is the SMAS Facelift?

Loose skin of the face, which causes jowling, and loose skin of the neck can be corrected by a facelift. In addition to removing the excess skin, newer techniques are used to tighten the muscles of the neck and the deep tissues of the face. The SMAS facelift, otherwise known as the S-lift or deep plane facelift, places less tension on the skin, thus avoiding the “swept back” appearance of a “skin only” facelift. This approach can also be tailored for men, who often want to retain a more masculine appearance while still reducing loose neck skin and jowls.

To obtain a comprehensive result, the forehead, the lower eyelids, and the face should all be corrected as unit. There are exceptions to this, as some people may only need one part of this triad corrected.

Before & After Facelift Surgery

Note in the diagram how dramatic the result can be when the entire face is addressed as opposed to one segment only. (Diagram courtesy and permission of Sam Hamra, MD.)

Breast Augmentation With No Scare On The Breast book cover

Award-Winning Author

Tracing facial plastic surgery's history from nip-and-tuck techniques to advanced approaches using fiber optics and tiny incisions, Dr. Burden provides a must-have guide for anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery. The conversational Q&A format presents valuable information in a way that's easy to understand.

Get your facial cosmetic surgery guide

How Long Is Recovery Time for a Facelift?

Should you choose Destin Plastic Surgery for your facelift procedure, you should allow adequate time for recuperation. In general, 3 to 6 weeks is adequate for facelift recovery to allow you to return to your normal social activities. Immediately following the surgery, pain is controlled with narcotic pain medications. After approximately 2 to 3 days, most people require pain medications at night only for sleep. At 10 to 14 days, most people will not require narcotic pain medications and will be comfortable with acetaminophen or a mild narcotic for pain control.

A comfortable dressing is applied to the face and neck for the first 24 to 48 hours following the surgery. This dressing is removed and replaced with a lightweight garment to help support the neck and the face. This is worn for approximately 1 week following the surgery. For the first 24 to 48 hours, activities are restricted to short trips to the bathroom and to a chair. Activity increases with each person’s comfort level. In general, most people return to their normal activities at 2 to 3 weeks. Some people use BOTOX® Cosmetic to maintain their new youthful look after surgery.

Results Worth the Drive

See why people travel to Destin Plastic Surgery from Mobile, Dothan, Gulf Shores, and other Alabama communities.

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Dr. William R. Burden, MD, FACS is known for his experience and dedication to staying in the forefront of leading technology in plastic surgery. Dr. Burden not only performs facelift surgery for patients from Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Tallahassee, Dothan, Atlanta, and Birmingham but also from around the world. Many people travel from Europe, South America and Asia to Destin to seek out his services.

For more information about facelift surgery, request a consultationrequest a consultation online to meet with Dr. Burden or call our office at (850) 654-1194.

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