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Saline or Silicone Implants

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Burden of Destin Plastic Surgery commonly uses breast implants filled with either saline or cohesive silicone gel. He will help you choose the type and implant placement that is right for your breast enlargement goals.

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Do Saline Implants Look Natural?

The popular saline breast implant is available in a wide array of sizes and shapes to accommodate various body types and allow for a very natural appearance. High profile and moderate plus profile style are available for greater projection in the breast profile. Typically the profile is chosen based on numerous features of the breast and the desired cup size and therefore, should be discussed with Dr. Burden to determine what would be best for you.

Round breast implant shells come in 2 surface textures, smooth or textured. Smooth surface breast implants may be less likely to be felt through the skin and tissue and tend to ripple less than textured implants. The smooth, round saline implant has been of the most popular implants for over 20 years – giving the breast a full, rounded look that adds greater dimension to the breast. It gives the breast a nice fullness at the top while maintaining the natural teardrop appearance.

What Happens if a Saline Implant Ruptures?

The saline implant is filled with salt water (saline) and therefore will go “flat” if it ever leaks. A deflation is very obvious to the patient.

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Why Choose Saline Implants?

As long as a woman has adequate breast tissue to cover the implant, saline implants are an excellent choice. The limitation of the saline implant is that the larger the implant and the less breast tissue a woman has, the more likely it is to ripple or be felt underneath the skin. The saline implant is also adjustable and is a good choice for women with different size breasts (asymmetry).

Are Silicone Implants Safe?

In 2006, after rigorous scientific review, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the marketing of silicone gel-filled breast implants made by two companies for breast reconstruction in women of all ages and breast augmentation in women ages 22 and older. The implant has quickly become the implant of choice. Research on the implants began in 1997, when the Department of Health and Human Services launched of the most extensive research studies in medical history by appointing the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science (IOM) to examine potential complications of silicone breast implants.

Gloves holding breast implantDr. Burden has been an investigator and involved with the FDA approved study allowing women to receive silicone breast implants since 1997. He is among the top plastic surgeons in the nation in regards to placement of saline and silicone breast implants for the women who visit him for breast augmentation from Pensacola, FL, and Mobile and Dothan, AL.

What Happens if a Silicone Implant Ruptures?

The new silicone gel implant is more cohesive and therefore is less likely to leak into the tissues than the old liquid-filled silicone gel implants. Ruptures won’t cause an obvious change in the appearance of the breast.

Why Choose Silicone Implants?

The advantages of silicone implants are numerous. They offer a much softer feel and allow women with small breasts to have larger enhancements without the problems of rippling that can occur with saline implants.

Which Size Breast Implants Should I Choose?

Sometimes choosing an implant size can be the most difficult decision for a woman; however, there is typically a right size for each patient. The size should be determined based on the width of the implant rather than the volume. As an implant gets larger, the width becomes wider. The implants should be chosen based on the base width of the patient’s breasts.

This base width should be discussed with your surgeon and may be altered by using a moderate, moderate plus, or high profile implant based on the end result the patient desires. The higher the implant profile, the narrower the implant. It is important that the surgeon choose the proper implant to ensure the optimal result and optimal cleavage. It is unfortunate that many patients we see are breast implant revisions from other plastic surgeons that do not have the same experience as Dr. Burden . Dr. Burden has performed thousands of breast augmentations and will recommend a size and implant type that will give you a good result.

A Special Opportunity from Allergan®

At Destin Plastic Surgery, Dr. William R. Burden is happy to participate in the Natrelle® Gel Trial Program. This special system offers breast augmentation patients the opportunity to receive significant discounts on their choice of Allergan's best-selling non-surgical products to further enhance their new looks.

To qualify, you must undergo breast augmentation with Allergan's Natrelle silicone gel implants. Following your surgery, you're eligible for either $200 off a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment or a complimentary vial of LATISSE®. You must also be registered for Brilliant Distinctions®, the Allergan rewards program that helps patients earn ways to save on their favorite non-surgical treatments. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future services and other rewards. Registration is simple and free.

Investigational Breast Implant Studies

Dr. William Burden was appointed to the International Physician’s Advisory Board for Mentor Corporation. Selection into this group is based on experience and volume in breast enhancement surgery. This elite group advises Mentor Corporation on their latest product development and practice management systems.

Additionally, Dr. Burden of Destin Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Robert Rey of E!’s “Dr. 90210” fame were among a group of select plastic surgeons who met in Las Vegas to be briefed on the Becker adjustable gel implant clinical trials. Dr. Burden was one of only 30 plastic surgeons nationwide selected to participate in the trials.

The adjustable gel implant combines the benefits of the silicone gel implant with the adjustability of the saline implant. This implant is currently in use in Europe and Mentor Corporation will be seeking FDA approval in the United States. At this time, it is considered an investigational device and is only available in the clinical study. Dr. Burden will be an investigator in the clinical studies.

Meet Dr. Burden

Dr. William Burden

Founder, Destin Plastic Surgery

Dr. Burden is a fully trained plastic surgeon, certified in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. He knows that building a distinguished career doesn't happen overnight. He's been serving the community for more than 2 decades, providing personalized aesthetic care and leading the field with pioneering techniques.

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More Information About Breast Implants

Dr. William R. Burden, MD, FACS is known for his experience and dedication to staying in the forefront of leading technology in plastic surgery. Dr. Burden not only performs breast augmentation for women from Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Tallahassee, Dothan, Atlanta, and Birmingham but also from around the world. Many people travel from Europe, South America and Asia to Destin to seek out his services.

For more information about the breast enhancement procedures, request a consultationrequest a consultation online to meet with Dr. Burden or call our office at (850) 654-1194.

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