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As you search for the best plastic surgeon in Destin, FL, reading real patient reviews is one of the best places to start. Read reviews of Dr. William Burden and Destin Plastic Surgery from across the web to see what his patients have to say about their experiences.  

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THANK YOU Dr.Burden, for transforming not only my physical appearance, but helping me regain my confidence! Dr. Burden is truly GIFTED! My results are more perfect than I ever expected. After years of breast feeding I had deflated, sagging 'pancake' breasts. I had a breast augmentation with a lift 3 months ago. My breasts look better now than they did in my 20's! Joan was my nurse from day one, and was attentive, and encouraging during the healing process! Like having a personal post-op coach! The other nurse who recently joined the team (I don't recall her name) was very caring also! Natalie, was my first contact (care coordinator I believe) and I could 'see' her smile through the phone! Surgery day was seamless, and every step was well explained. Dr. Burden and the OR staff really made me feel at ease. I don't normally write many reviews, but since surgery is such a HUGE decision I needed to share my positive experience. I read many reviews before choosing Dr. Burden. I could not be happier with my decision and my result! (My husband is also very happy 😉! ) If you have taken the time to read my (lengthy) review, just know you will be in great hands with Dr. Burden and his team!

Business Owner replied on May 17, 2022:

Hi, Jennifer. Thank you so much for rating your experience with us so highly! Well be sure to pass the great review on too the rest of the staff!! We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

So happy with everything he did - actually feel sexy naked again Dr Burden did a 50 year makeover for me. From the moment I walked in his office I felt welcome. He was so down to earth and spent time going over everything I wanted. He performed 2 procedures, full trunk liposuction and 8 weeks later an implant exchange and scar revision. I cried when I looked in the mirror after it was complete. They were tears of joy!! I am so happy with everything he did and actually feel sexy naked again! Not only is he wonderful but his staff is equally as wonderful. I would recommend anyone looking to have work done to call his office. The wait is well worth it and there is a reason he is busy!

Fixed me up following hematoma & fall after breast lift I had a fall after my breast lift and ended up with a hematoma on my right side. Joan and Dr. Burden took such excellent care of me and fixed me right up! My breasts look amazing and I am so thankful to them for their excellent care!

Dr. Burden and his staff were amazing. He listened to what I wanted and did not push me to do what he wanted. Always with a smile on his face and he was very kind. He took the time to go over everything with me and let me know my options, I was on the verge of needing a lift but I was right on the line so we decided just to do the augmentation under the muscle. I got my breast augmentation done by him November 2021 and I am absolutely in love with the results! The day of surgery I decided to go bigger than we initially discussed and he was so amenable about it. I went from a 32A to a 32DD. Went in for my 4 month check up and did my before and after pictures. We were all super happy with the results. I got a pseudo lift in the process! I would recommend Dr. Burden to anyone thinking about getting breast augmentation done. He’s absolutely one of the best doctors I’ve met and seen. Thank you to Dr. Burden and all of his wonderful staff!

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Thank you Sophia for taking the time to write such a great review!! We are so happy to hear your loving your results with Dr.Burden !!!

Had work done 8 yrs ago on my face, best thing I ever did- they were the best of the best- Dr. Burden is your only choice for facial surgery, he did a fantastic job, I would use him again in a heartbeat! Thank you Destin Surgical Center.

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Hi, Connie. Thank you so much for rating your experience with us so highly! Dr.Burden definitely the best of the best and we are so glad to hear after 8 years your results are still fantastic!!

I have been going to dr burden for many years now. He has done 2 breast Augmentations, lipo of face Area , lipo of thighs, tummy tuck an lipo of back. Fat injection to my lips an I go in April for a face lift. I researched 5 years before I ever decided on a plastic surgeon. Dr Burden is the best at what he does. I have always gotten the results I was looking for an never had any Complications after wards. Staff is amazing an friendly an very professional. I would give them more that 5 stars

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Hi, Stacie. We are thrilled to learn that you had a positive experience with us! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and leaving us such an awesome review!!

1st Consultation !! Very nervous! Boy body "proportionate" figure Seeking curves !! I just completed my apt and was very pleased overall and am more and more excited as I think about it. Hopefully will be able to schedule sometime this summer. Dr Burden was very professional and pleasant and answered all my questions ????

My measurements: 5'3" * 120lbs * wide ribs and shoulders for size. I live in Destin Florida, so i decided to go with Dr. Burden at Destin plastic surgery, which has awesome reviews and before/after photos. I met with him two weeks ago (he was so nice) and he suggested i go with 485CC implants sub-muscular with no lift due to such heavy scaring. my boobs will still drop some giving me a more...

I have given birth to 4 babies with a 50+ pound weight gain for each. My last pregnancy at age 35 (with the accompanying weight gain, loss, and gain again) left my face looking like it was falling off my face. If that makes sense. Jowels and double chin. No jaw line. I was at my botox treatment and asked offhandedly if I could schedule with Dr Burden a consult for my chin. She said, sure, give...

I had cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Burden and his Team. The results are amazing! People tell me I look much younger and I feel great now in my nice dresses. Joan Pleat, Surgical Nurse, was very compassionate, optimistic, and professional throughout the entire process. Joan takes a personal interest in her patients. She explained the surgery and results to expect in detail. She is integral to the seamless support I received from the pre-operative consultation throughout my recovery --- Joan was right there and always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. She is the best. Highly recommend!!

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Hi, Arizona. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you for the review! We'll be sure Nurse Joan sees this as well.


Featured Reviews

From my very first visit up to my Sherry yesterday!! The staff and Dr. We’re amazing so amazing!! Profession friendly and they listened to what I needed don’t!!! Thank you to the entire start!!

I’m 3 weeks post op today! Breast lift and implants. I could not be more happy with my results!! Dr. Burden is the absolute best!!! I’m 46 years old tomorrow and have been wanting this for at least 20 years. Lol. I’ve had 3 children and breastfed all of them. I’m so excited with my results!!! I originally asked for more cc’s and I’m super thankful he recommended less. He told me they would be big enough with my breast tissue and 360 cc. He was so right!!! They’re perfect!!! I highly recommend Dr. Burden! ♥️♥️

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Dr. Burden and Joan Pleat are AMAZING!!!! I have gotten a breast augmentation in 2006, a lift and reduction in 2022, and a facelift also in 2022. Unbelievable bedside manner, very professional, tells you exactly what to expect. I would not trust or go anywhere else. It only been 3 weeks and I am so pleased with my results already. Recovery is different for everyone, but even with being still a little swollen, I feel great and it is healing beautifully. Thank you so much!!!!

Business Owner replied on Apr 27, 2022:

Hi, Kelley. Thank you so much for leaving us a stellar review! We are so happy to hear your experience with us over the years has been nothing short of amazing and your recovery is going so well!!! Dr. Burden and Joan have read the review and are so happy you are doing great and have had such a great experience here at the practice. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future! Best regards from the DPS Team!

My experience was amazing from start to finish. The team was amazing! I had many questions and all were answered. Surgery day was smooth and recovery was easy. I’m so happy with my results and wish I had done this sooner. Thank you to Dr. Burden and his wonderful staff for changing my life!

Business Owner replied on Apr 25, 2022:

Hi, Stephenie. Thank you so much for rating your experience with us so highly! We are thrilled to hear everything went great and really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.

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Went to see Dr. Burden to consult for a Breast Augmentation. After 4 kids and breast feeding they needed some help. I initially wanted to go from an A to a C cup. He said I was close to needing a lift but not quite and we agreed that under the muscle would be best. Dr. Burden and his staff was wonderful and super nice. Plus he listened to what I wanted and didn’t just push what he thought would look best on me. I scheduled the surgery and after lots of research and looking at pics, the day of surgery I had decided I wanted to go from the initial 350cc they we talked about to 500cc. I talked with Dr. Burden about it when I went in for surgery. We both agreed on 485cc. I honestly could not be happier with the results! I went from a 32A to a 32DD. When I went in 4 months later to do my before and after pictures we were all super impressed (doctor and nurse as well) with the surgery. Being I went bigger I got a pseudo lift in the process as well. I would recommend Dr. Burden and Destin Plastic Surgery to anyone wanting Brest augmentation done. Best investment in myself that I made. Now all my clothes fit like they are supposed to and with no bra needed!

If you are considering a facial cosmetic procedure, the surgeon you choose will be one of the five most important decisions of your entire life.  I’m not being over dramatic.  If you get this decision wrong you will be painfully reminded several dozen times a day for the next ten years of your life.  I thank God every day I choose Dr. William Burden for my procedures. The words “great” and “excellent” aren’t adequate to describe my results.  My words and outcomes are “exceptional” and “extraordinary”. I’m a firm believer that a cosmetic surgeon offers the most comprehensive procedures his professional drive and innate talent is capable of.  Dr. Burden’s advanced techniques take years of uncommon perseverance to master.  Anyone who would pay the money and go through the recovery of a facelift and not choose the advanced techniques and superior skill of Dr Burden is simply not making an optimal decision.  It’s that simple.  I have zero doubt he is the surgeon other surgeons send their family members to. I think any board certified plastic surgeon will give you results you are happy with or at the very least results you are not unhappy with. If you are okay with that then that's perfectly fine.  But if you want the best possible outcome and to never wonder if someone could have done a better job then choose Dr. Burden. I also want to complement all the staff of Destin Plastic Surgery for their extraordinary help.  Special thank you to Joan, who tirelessly answered my questions and provided unwavering counsel in the post-op period.  Thank you all!

Best I ever had and I followed his instructions except I have to sleep on my tummy. Very Painful but really boosted my confidence about my appearance. Thank you

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Hi, Donna. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive experience. We truly appreciate it!

[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

Business Owner replied on Apr 13, 2022:

Hi, April. Thank you for the 5 stars!!

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