Destin Plastic Surgery Specialists Discuss VECTRA® 3-D Imaging on Television

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Destin Plastic Surgery, a Panama City and Pensacola area plastic surgery practice, was recently featured on Studio10 explaining the VECTRA 3-D system. This computer imaging system allows patients to see what they would look like after a plastic surgery procedure.

Destin, Florida (February 2011) – Destin Plastic Surgery, famed for its “No Scar on the Breast” augmentation technique, was recently featured on the television show “Studio10” explaining the computer-imaging VECTRA 3-D system.

This state-of-the-art 3D imaging program shows patients their simulated appearance after a procedure such as a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. Women from Pensacola to Panama City – and even from outside of Florida – are traveling to the Destin practice to benefit from this key pre-procedure step. After viewing the image, patients can understand the potential benefits more clearly and discuss possible treatment options with the doctor.

How Do Plastic Surgeons Use 3-D Imaging?

3D imaging can be used for many cosmetic surgery procedures. When performing breast augmentation, the No Scar on the Breast procedure is one of the most popular options at Destin Plastic Surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. William Burden is renowned as one of the very few surgeons performing the endoscopic breast enlargement method. This procedure involves making small incisions in the under-arm area, which allow him to place the implant more precisely.

“Women come from all over the world as well as nearby cities for breast augmentation surgery with our No Scar on the Breast enlargement technique,” says Dr. Burden.

To help patients see the possible results for this and other procedures, he uses the VECTRA 3-D system, which he describes as a “great innovation.” During a consultation, the upper body is photographed and the image is scanned into the 3D system. From there, the surgeon can adjust the image during a discussion with the patient, and save preferred changes for future reference.

How Can 3-D Imaging Help You?

“We are one of the very few practices offering this computer imaging technology,” explains Dr. Scott Ennis, another board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. “We take pride in the fact that when we use the VECTRA system, we encourage our patients to discuss all their options, including non-surgical treatments. In some cases, they may benefit from adding a non-surgical procedure, such as one of the treatments we offer to help our patients revitalize their skin. Women and men trust our practice for honesty, professional integrity, and ultimately results they can truly love.”

For more information about a cosmetic procedure, contact us online to meet with one of our surgeons or call our office at (850) 654-1194. Located in Destin, Florida, we provide first-class services for patients choosing rhinoplasty or facelift surgery from surrounding cities like Panama City and Pensacola, as well as neighboring states and international locations.

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