HydraFacial® Benefits, Tips, Aftercare & More: A Licensed Esthetician Answers Your FAQs

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Melissa St John
Melissa St. John, Licensed Esthetician

Meet Melissa St. John, a licensed esthetician and HydraFacial specialist at Destin Plastic Surgery’s Anti Aging Skincare Clinic. She’s the friendly face clients like you trust to get their skin glowing, and the HydraFacial is one of her favorite ways to do exactly that.

Melissa’s not the only one raving about the treatment: Every 15 seconds, someone in the world gets a HydraFacial—that adds up to about 2 million treatments a year globally.

What is it about this facial that has people so hooked? In this post, Melissa answers your questions about this ultra-refreshing skin treatment, from what it’s like to have it done to why some clients travel 3 hours to get one every month. Read on to learn about HydraFacial benefits, tips for aftercare, timing before special occasions, and more.

Q: What is the HydraFacial and what are its benefits?

A: HydraFacial uses vortex technology to infuse a cleansing solution, peeling solution, and extracting solution into the dermal/epidermal layer of the skin. It gives the client instant gratification with a beautiful, fresh, dewy, and radiant glow that lasts for several weeks. Clients love the HydraFacial because doesn’t require any downtime or peeling.

Q: Sounds great! But what does it feel like?

A: It’s a very relaxing treatment that utilizes a handpiece to deliver amazing products into the skin. Clients will feel slight suction and mild exfoliation as the products are being infused into the skin. The skin feels light and fresh afterward—almost everyone says they feel like their skin can breathe again!

Q: What are some other comments people make after their first HydraFacial experience?

A: They LOVE it and want to know the soonest they can have another one! They love how it gives instant gratification! They love how smooth and soft and dewy their skin looks! I remind them it will only continue to improve and look better over the course of the next few weeks.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients pleased and happy with their HydraFacial experience.

Q: How do you customize each HydraFacial to the individual?

A: We have different strengths of peeling solutions we utilize as well as offering LED light therapy—red light for anti-aging and blue light for acneic clients as it kills bacteria in their skin. We also offer several specialty vials that consist of ReGen GF, which is a growth factor; DermaBuilder, which is a peptide; and Britenol to target pigmentation in their skin.

We may also use HydraFacials as part of a customized treatment plan that includes anti-aging treatments like BOTOX® or dermal fillers.

Q: Sounds like the perfect pre-wedding treatment. How far in advance should I get one?

A: A week before any special event is the perfect time to have a HydraFacial!

Q: Are there any reasons someone should not get a HydraFacial (skin types, medical conditions)?

A: HydraFacial is results-oriented for all ages and skin conditions. Pregnant or nursing women and anyone who has an allergy to aspirin should not have the HydraFacial.

Q: What do you love most about administering HydraFacials?

A: I love the beautiful results the HydraFacial delivers. I love the instant gratification HydraFacial gives my clients. It’s our most requested “maintenance treatment,” and I have clients who travel 3 hours to have one every month!

Whether you’re traveling from 3 hours away or live right around the corner, our Destin med spa team is always here and ready to bring your dream skin to life. If you would like to meet with Melissa and talk about refreshing your skin with a HydraFacial, please contact us online or give us a call at (850) 654-1194.

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