Why Travel to Destin for Plastic Surgery?

Destin Plastic Surgery center

When you arrive at Destin Plastic Surgery, you are engaging in an experience that comes with years of expertise.  

Dr. Burden’s team has spent many years developing their capabilities and polishing their skills. Dr. Burden commits time regularly to improving the function of the practice and the development of the staff. The majority of the staff have been with him for 20 or more years! The longevity of the staff is a testament to Dr. Burden’s dedication to his employees and their dedication to him.

A Highly Qualified Staff & Facility

The philosophy of Destin Plastic Surgery is to strive for continual improvement. That is evidenced by the quality of the facility and the qualifications of the staff. Destin Plastic Surgery once leased a 1,200-square-foot office space with 3 employees. As of 2023, Destin Plastic Surgery occupies a 20,000-square-foot building and employs 25. Years of planning went into the development of the Destin Plastic Surgery Center. 

Completion and renovation of the current facility have created a facility with:

  • A fully accredited surgery center
  • An experienced and highly sought-after medical-grade skincare clinic
  • A multiple-modality laser therapy center
  • A vein treatment center
  • A nationally renowned Injectable Clinic for BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® treatments
  • An IV Hydration and Therapy Lounge
  • A world-renowned plastic surgery clinic

Your Surgical Care

When you are a Destin Plastic Surgery Center patient, you will have an experienced anesthesia team taking care of you. The team will provide you with comfort and care and will work to diminish your risk of nausea and discomfort. Our anesthesia team has years of experience with plastic surgery patients and will tailor your care to your needs.

The OR team has been working with Dr. Burden for 15 years. Many of the nurses and OR technicians have participated in hundreds and even thousands of procedures, ensuring you will be cared for by a very experienced team of professionals.

Our State-of-the-Art Plastic Surgery Center

In April 2020, Destin Plastic Surgery completed its third year-long renovation to the plastic surgery center, improving the private entrance and enhancing the operating room facilities. The lobby was renovated for enhanced comfort and seating for patients and guests. Many people stop in to see the lobby for the changing holiday decorations throughout the year.

Benefits of a World-Class Plastic Surgery Practice

This year, 2023, will see Destin Plastic Surgery continue its pursuit of excellence with the addition of more services and enhanced techniques:

  • The Renuvion skin tightening system has been incorporated into face and body contouring surgeries. No other plastic surgeon in the area has this capability. Renuvion is an advanced energy delivery system that can tighten tissue beyond the capability of externally applied devices used by other physicians.
  • The Envi system for adipose (fat) harvesting in grafting procedures (using your own body’s fat to enhance the breasts, buttocks and other areas of concern) was first used by Dr. Burden. That’s right, Dr. Burden was the first surgeon in the country to use this system for cosmetic surgery. He and his team are advisors on how to enhance the usage of this device for fat transfer!
  • Ultrasound guidance of adipose grafting to improve the safety of fat transfer to the buttocks. Dr. Burden is among a group of elite surgeons who use advanced ultrasound guidance to place fat grafts into the buttocks to prevent accidental injection into the bloodstream.
  • Endoscopic replacement of breast implants with no scar on the breast. Few surgeons have the technological ability to remove implants through the underarm approach, modify the implant pocket, and place new implants for an improved breast shape.
  • Injections for facial enhancement.
  • Virtually painless hair removal laser. Here at Destin Plastic Surgery, we use the Alma Soprano Ice Laser. This laser has a cooling tip, and the laser stays in continual motion dispersing heat. You no longer have to bear painful individual zaps as this laser is virtually painless.

The IV Lounge

Here at Destin Plastic Surgery, we are focused not only on enhancing your natural external beauty but also improving your internal health with our IV bar. With prescription-strength IV ingredients, we utilize the body’s ability to better absorb these vitamins, medications, and supplements intravenously.

If you want to look and feel younger, more beautiful, and energized, we have 10+ cocktails available for you to choose from. Our two most popular cocktails are the Myers Cocktail and NAD. 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential component of every cell of the body that is directly involved in the body’s metabolic processes—processes that allow the body to function normally as it should. 

NAD IV therapy helps control cellular activities, such as how the body converts food substances to energy, how cells react to changes, and the repairs that occur at cellular levels. Restoration of NAD levels in the body through IV therapy has been used to optimize the body to better combat diseases, slow the aging process, and support critical body processes.

One of the benefits of NAD IV infusion involves the direct delivery of a form (an active form) into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that NAD+ therapy boosts organ function and immunity, protects against DNA damage and cancers, and enhances longevity through its anti-aging properties.

A First-Class Care Experience

What have you learned to expect from Destin Plastic Surgery? Continuously striving for improvement, continuously striving for refinement, and continuously trying to build a better experience for our patients. That’s why: People Travel From Around the World to Destin Plastic Surgery.

If you’re ready to enjoy all that Destin Plastic Surgery offers, use our online form to request a consultation or call us at (850) 654-1194. One of our staff members will be delighted to assist you.

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