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Breast Lift vs. Augmentation: Which Is Right for You?

Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Both?

Breast lift and breast augmentation are two of the most commonly requested procedures at my practice in Destin. However, many women come in for a consultation without fully understanding the difference between the two.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

Breast augmentation is consistently one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures, with nearly 365,000 procedures performed in 2021, according to The Aesthetic Society. That represented a 44% increase over 2020. Part of this growth can be attributed to the trend of both younger and older women seeking the procedure. Today, women from their early 20s to their late 60s are getting implants, enjoying a variety of benefits.

  • Improved breast proportions. Frustration with small breasts that don’t fit their frame is probably the most common reason women undergo breast augmentation. They want their breasts to proportionally match the rest of their body.
  • More symmetrical breasts. No two breasts are exactly alike. However, some women have more obvious asymmetry than others. Breast augmentation can correct this imbalance using different-sized implants.
  • Added volume after weight loss. Often, women who lose weight notice decreased breast volume. Breast implants can help restore your original breast size.
  • Added fullness after pregnancy. Many women are unhappy with their breasts after pregnancy and nursing, which can sometimes cause breasts to get smaller or look “deflated.”
  • Better-fitting clothes. Most women’s clothes are designed for a size C cup. Many women want to fill out certain dress and shirt styles that they were never able to wear before.
  • Boosted confidence. Breast implants can improve your sense of femininity. It is not uncommon for women to get breast augmentations for self-esteem reasons.

I use a special “No Scar on the Breast®” technique for breast augmentation that leaves only a tiny scar in the crease under each arm. This approach allows patients to have well-concealed scars, natural-looking results, a choice of silicone or saline implants, enhanced recovery, optimal incision healing, and a lower risk of infection.

Before (top) & After (bottom) Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift Benefits

Mastopexy, also known as breast lift surgery, can tighten breast tissue and remove excess skin to provide you with lifted and firm breasts. Because breast shape and firmness can change due to multiple factors, there are many different motivations for surgery. Women often enjoy several benefits from a breast lift, including:

  • Improved breast shape. Natural aging and gravity can cause breast shape to gradually change. A breast lift can help women restore a youthful breast contour.
  • Elevated nipples. Severe sagging can cause your nipples to turn downward or hang below the crease of the breasts. This procedure can enhance shape to correct downturned nipples.
  • Relieved neck or back pain caused by sagging breasts. Breast-related soreness is much more common than you think. A breast lift can not only provide cosmetic benefits but also improve posture and reduce back pain.
  • Improved physical activity. Sagging breasts can make it difficult to run, lift weights, or do other high-intensity exercises.
  • Reshaped breasts after pregnancy. After pregnancy, some women find that their breasts do not go back to their original shape.
  • Repositioned breasts after weight loss. Sometimes weight loss can cause breasts to sag. A breast lift can be a beautiful finishing touch to a weight loss journey.

I use the specially designed “internal suspension technique” that not only improves breast shape but also decreases the chance of “bottoming out.” It reduces tension by giving your breasts more support from within.

Before (top) & After (bottom) Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift With Augmentation: The Power Duo

For women seeking breast enhancement after pregnancy or substantial weight loss, I recommend a combination of a breast lift with augmentation. With older techniques, the combination procedure raised concerns about providing sufficient blood supply to the tissues. However, I use an innovative approach that provides ample blood supply, avoids extensive dissection, and minimizes potential risk. A breast augmentation with a lift can now safely give you fuller, perkier breasts.

Before (top) & After (bottom) Breast Lift With Augmentation

Check out more real patient results for both procedures in our photo gallery. If you want to learn more about your options, request a consultationrequest a consultation online or give us a call at (850) 654-1194.

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