Breast Surgery Specialists Weigh In on’Internal Bra’ and Other Trends

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The doctors at Destin Plastic Surgery serving Panama City and Pensacola, FL comment on a new method set for FDA review, fat grafting, and silicone popularity.

Destin, Florida (June 2014) — According to the physicians at Destin Plastic Surgery (, some exciting innovations are on the horizon in the field of cosmetic breast surgery, such as an “internal bra” slated for FDA review later this year. At their plastic surgery practice, they treat patients from Panama City, Pensacola, and other Florida Panhandle cities who visit them exclusively for their expertise in breast procedures.

While new techniques and surgical devices are often promising, the surgeons say, patients should rely on the advice of board-certified physicians before choosing a new option.

“Our practice prides itself on offering innovative breast enhancement procedures,” says Dr. William Burden, the founder and CEO of Destin Plastic Surgery. “As breast surgery specialists, we evaluate new techniques to ensure they are safe and effective. We appreciate creativity and finding new ways to approach breast surgery, but we also have the experience to know when reality doesn’t match the hype.”

The Internal Bra

The internal bra, approved for use in Europe, is a sling-type device designed to cradle the breast internally, resulting in a perkier appearance for breast lift and breast reduction patients. The device is anchored to the rib cage to relieve pressure on the sutures used in those surgeries. It is in the early stages of FDA review in the U.S.

Breast Augmentation With No Scar on the Breast

Dr. Burden is an innovator himself, having performed the first endoscopic, “No Scar on the Breast®” augmentation in Northwest Florida. Dr. Burden, along with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. L. Scott Ennis, specializes in the no-scar breast augmentation, attracting patients from throughout the U.S.

The technique involves making an incision in the armpit and is performed using silicone implants, which American Society of Plastic Surgeons® statistics show were used in approximately 72% of all breast augmentation procedures performed in 2013.

“The popularity of silicone implants is another example of innovation in our field,” Dr. Ennis says. “The latest generation of silicone gel implants offers patients a more natural look and feel and an array of choices.”

Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

The use of fat transfer in breast augmentation is another trend identified by 2013 statistics, these from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The technique uses fat taken from another area of a patient’s body, such as the abdomen, for breast enhancement. Fat transfer has been used in facial rejuvenation procedures for a long time, Dr. Burden says, but is now becoming a viable alternative to breast implants in some cases.

“Patients who are interested in minimal augmentation, such as increasing just one cup size, are good candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation,” Dr. Burden says. “It’s one of the many innovation we’ll continue to track for the benefit of our patients.”

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