Rhinoplasty—1 Nose Does Not Fit All

The field of plastic surgery has advanced from a one-size-fits-all approach, and this is especially true for rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, which is a highly customizable procedure. Rhinoplasty patients at my Pensacola, FL, practice come in with a wide spectrum of concerns about their noses.

They’re not alone. Nose surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States, and for good reason—the nose is the focal point of the face. The most important thing in deciding on a treatment plan is not fitting into a certain “look,” but instead refining the nose so it is proportional to the rest of the face. Regardless of the desired outcome, I am careful to avoid the look of an obvious “nose job.”

Your Consultation & Customized Treatment

To begin the process, you will first come in for an in-depth consultation so we can discuss your desired outcomes and evaluate the subtleties of your nose. After this discussion and evaluation, I will create an individualized treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. In some cases, Vectra® 3-D imaging can help us show you how your new nose might look after surgery; you can read more about Vectra 3-D technology in this earlier blog post.

Minimizing Rhinoplasty Risk

On top of tailoring surgical plans to you, I also use a special approach to rhinoplasty that minimizes the risk of infection. Instead of using man-made materials to reshape the nose, I prefer to use your own cartilage and grafts. One of the main risks associated with rhinoplasty is infection, but this complication is unusual in my experience.

Retaining Your Face’s Unique Beauty

Additionally, I make sure to maintain what makes you, you. My goal is to enhance or refine your features without changing your whole face. For many years there were nose “trends.” Patients would bring in the same celebrity pictures and ask for those nose features. These days, most of my patients are no longer looking to have the same nose. They are looking to restore balance to their unique or ethnic traits, rather than to erase or hide them. Those who are undergoing nose surgery want natural-looking results that are unique to them.

Why choose a board-certified surgeon?

It is important to choose a skilled board-certified surgeon for your rhinoplasty. It is an intricate procedure that should be performed by a plastic surgeon with the right qualifications and credentials. Your surgeon should also have experience working with a wide range of people to ensure that you can preserve your natural traits and achieve optimal results. A board-certified surgeon with extensive and broad experience can also recommend other procedures that can help accentuate your new nose, such as a brow lift or cheek contouring.

I encourage you to check out my photo gallery of patients to get a good idea of your possibilities with rhinoplasty surgery. If you are interested in the procedure, request a consultation online or give us a call at (850) 654-1194.

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